Australian BOGO Week Start Feb 22!

doTERRA just announced their BOGO week for Australia: Feb 22 – 27, 2019

If you’re new to BOGO, it means Buy One Get One. doTERRA offers one oil each day, and you get another oil totally free! Watch my video where I take you through what BOGO week is and how to get your oils.



If you don’t already have a doTERRA Wholesale Customer Account:

You will need a wholesale customer account to purchase the BOGO oils at 25% off!

You have two options to join:

1. Pay a membership fee of $35.

Get 25% off all products for the remainder of the year. The second year it reduces to $25 but you receive a free bottle of Peppermint essential oil. Choose any oils you’d like from the product guide or price list (be sure to look at the wholesale prices), as well as the ‘$35 Introductory Welcome Packet’ as this is your membership fee.

2. Purchase an enrolment kit.

You save LOTS by purchasing an enrolment kit, but your $35 membership fee will be waived too! This is the most value for money in getting started. See my recommended enrolment kits here.

How to Order:

1. Click the ‘Order Now’ button or follow this link:

2. Click ‘Join and Save’

3. Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you

4. Click ‘Local’

5. If you would like to use the oils for personal use only at this stage opt for ‘Wholesale Customer’. However if you think you may be interested in sharing the oils with others as part of my business opportunity, opt for the ‘Wellness Advocate’ option as you will then have the opportunity to receive financial benefits.

6. Enter your personal information, including your Australian Business Number. If you don’t have an ABN, that’s okay, but eventually, if you want to make money with doTERRA, you’ll need one.

7. At *Enroller id*, enter my number: 1625269 and click verify (it should then show you my name)

8. Set yourself up with a password + click over to the next page

9. Select what kit you would like ($35 membership is waived). If you’re ordering your kit on a BOGO day, you can add the BOGO oil to your cart right along with the kit and receive the 25% off price!  Or if you want to create a custom oils order then add the $35 intro packet then the oils you’d like to order (including BOGO oil).

10. Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.

If you already have a doTERRA account:

  • Simply log in to using your member ID # and password.
  • Click ‘shop’, and find the oil for that day. For example, if the BOGO is “Buy one Lavender get a free Lemon,” you would add Lavender to your cart.
  • Once you have finished, click “Proceed to Checkout.” The free oil (Lemon in this example)  will automatically be added to your cart.
  • Note: You can purchase up to 5 BOGO oils each day

If you normally order through the LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program):

  • Keep your LRP order in place that you have setup for next month
  • Each day of the bogo (or whichever day you want to order) – just click the ‘create additional LRP button’ to create a second LRP template just for BOGO orders. Delete this BOGO template after BOGO week so that you don’t receive 2 LRP orders the following month.

Happy BOGO shopping everyone! If you have any questions please email me directly

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